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#1 26-03-2020 08:52:51

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Why am I play wow classic?

All single-player games have a life cycle. Itís fresh, and thereís a lot to explore and experience. In the process, you will set goals for yourself Ė to reach the upper level, complete the main story, complete all dungeons, etc.

When this is done, the rest of the game becomes repetitive and boring. The only people you can look back on our people and friends you know. A social relationship to keep in touch with you.

The reason I play World of Warcraft is that it provides me with a platform for social interaction with people and friends. Itís no different from sports clubs or meeting friends in bars every week. Itís about people with similar interests.

Once youíve played the game, raised the characterís level and seen the storyline, the game itself has little to offer. The only reason to keep playing is that it allows you to keep in touch with others and keep in touch with others.

I think people sometimes donít know much about MMORPG. The game itself is just a platform for social interaction. In this regard, as far as we are concerned, it is not really a traditional game.

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#2 07-04-2020 04:44:45

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Re: Why am I play wow classic?

A cracking game.  Played back in 2007 and didn't really appreciate what made the game so addictive.  I started up WoW in 2018 (all WoW players have to re-start every couple of years for nostalgia reasons) and it bored the life out of me.  The levelling experience was mind-numbing and all of the areas were dead therefore I had no interaction with anybody apart from NPCs.  I can't count how many dungeons I completed without saying a word to anybody.  Perhaps end-game was better but I'm sure it would have been boring still. Now I'm addicted to this game together with 2048 cupcakes game. This two games are very fun and challenging.