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Asics Dynaflyte 4 Peacoat/Flash Coral


With the DynaFlyte, Asics Shoes New has gone all out to create a shoe that walks this fine line. Coming in under 300g (270g for a men’s size 9), the DynaFlyte feels light enough to take to the track, but the cushioning provided by the FlyteFoam midsole makes it supportive enough for long road runs too.

The upper on the Asics Shoes Red is designed for a close fit. In fact if you have especially wide feet, it might feel a bit tight, but I found it pleasantly snug, though I still prefer the looser, sock-like fit of knitted uppers that allow the toes to splay a bit more. I did wonder if the snug fit would make the DynaFlyte unpleasantly warm on longer runs, but this was not the case – the upper is very breathable.

During the talk, brand leaders and scientists from Asics Shoes Womens Sale Institute of Sports Science discussed the shoe features that were used on both the women’s and men’s version. The product has a FlyteFoam midsole (which took over 300 prototypes to perfect) and celebrates the idea that by maintaining cushioning on a lightweight shoe, runners can run faster. The FlyteFoam is built with reinforced fibers and is approximately 55 percent lighter than most midsole options.

It took a couple of runs for the Asics Dynaflyte 4 Peacoat/Flash Coral to break in – I found them quite hard the first few times I ran in them. However, once broken in, it is a very comfortable shoe to run. The shoe almost seems to disappear on the foot, leaving a very responsive feel that encourages you to push a little faster.