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#1 26-04-2020 10:54:00

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New Survey to WoW Classic Version of The Burning Crusade

Blizzard sent out today a survey interested in the opinion of some players on Classic Burning Crusade experience.

Although the initial hype may have disappeared in the past few months, it is undeniable that World of Warcraft: Classic is a major success for Blizzard. The special server brings back many retired MMO players who are not interested in the content of the current Battle for Azeroth. It also provides a good alternative for those who like BfA but are currently waiting for Shadowlands. As classic content gets closer to the first expansion of the original game, many players have been wondering how Blizzard plans to deal with the Burning Crusade era. Cheap wow classic gold

A new survey of wow gold players seems to indicate that Blizzard is currently trying to figure out how (and whether) it should respond to the deployment of Burning Crusade. Entering the portal for the first time is an important milestone in Azeroth's history, so it will be very exciting to see the Classic community have the opportunity to revisit this experience. But keep in mind how far these servers can go before they no longer capture the full power of Classic. These are some of the answers Blizzard is currently seeking.

The survey released by Blizzard provided players with the opportunity to express their views on how to begin processing the content of Burning Crusade. Should their Classic server just patch new content, or should they create new characters from scratch, or start new characters starting at level 58? This is a very interesting question that gives players a real opportunity to try to explain what they want from any "classic" experience.

The survey asks players how to choose a new character in the "Classic" Burning Crusade and offers the following options:

Continue playing my current classic character on my existing server until the Burning Crusade expansion, and can choose to transfer to a classic server that will never exceed level 60.

Create a new character starting at level 58 on the new Burning Crusade server.

Create a new character from level 1 on the new Burning Crusade server.

Continue playing my current classic character on an existing server, the character will never exceed level 60 and can choose to transfer to Burning Crusade server.

The survey also asked classic players how much they were interested in playing the "classic" Burning Crusade. The survey showed that Classic Burning Crusade appears to be at least a few months and even less than a year away. But while "TBC's Content Strategy" is being worked out, "World of Warcraft" classic players should still have a lot of vanilla content to keep themselves busy.

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