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Malcolm Butler Patriots Jersey

The French Football Federation announced the World Cup in South Africa national team players agreed to waive all bonuses Robert McClain Patriots Jersey , and their bodies donated to amateur football. Temporary main French Football Federation said in a communique, "In recent days, a number of widely circulated rumors about the World Cup prize money, england football kit the news is not accurate, and some pure misinformation. To this end, I Yesterday (15) met with the players, want to clarify the misunderstanding; players agreed that they would keep its promise to give up South Africa's World Cup group match warm-up match and deserved bonuses. " Dishaosuwa said the players were also determinedFootball Association's decision to be respected, to this total three million euros in prize money donated to amateur football. He said the whole incident Dane Fletcher Patriots Jersey , neither the national team players back on its word, there was no artificial operation, nor between them and the Football Association disputes; replica soccer jersey supplier only because of lack of information transparency, hence the "inaccurate and is Unfortunately, "the rumor. He hoped the incident point, in order to prepare 17 national team at ease with the friendly against England. During the World Cup in South Africa, France not only to record two losses were eliminated one level, but also insulted the coach and the players broke the collectiveStop training scandal; world soccer jersey shop captain Evra on behalf of the team then said they would give up the bonus to show repentance. However Matt Flynn Patriots Jersey , well-known French sports daily "L'Equipe" on September 9 broke the news that the players still want to scoop the prize, and then raised a storm in France. 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