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Addictions of all kinds afflict more and more people. The victims are often even unaware of their addictive behaviour which making their relationships Mike Alstott Elite Jersey , careers and lives in general unnecessarily challenging. Addictions come in many forms: From the workaholic who finds it impossible to take even half a day off from his or her busy schedule to be with family or friends to the more commonly recognised addictions like smoking, drinking and eating, or compulsive gambling. Any form of obsession or addiction is destructive and has the potential to ruin parts of your life, your relationships and your physical and financial health and emotional health. Over 60% of people suffer from addictive behaviour in one form or another. The different types of obsessions are truly endless, and include also less obvious patterns of behaviour like compulsive relationships, surfing the net, or using chat lines Mike Evans Elite Jersey , the list is endless. Geopathic stress could cause addictions Geopathic stress, in part caused by earth faults, subterranean water and the increased use of electronic equipment, building and the like, is on the increase and in my opinion a major contributor to addictive behaviour. Geopathic stress as well as electro stress affect the brain and interfere with its normal functioning. Being exposed to geostress and electro stress over lengthy periods is rather like tripping a switch in your brain all the time. This is your body's immune system working overtime, just to keep you going. Something else has to give because we lack the resources to fight on all fronts. The result: We lack the energy to fuel the other parts of ourselves which are needed to keep us in balance and centred. Addictions and obsessions are a way to make up for this lack of centeredness. The quick fix adrenalin rush of obsessive behaviour clouds over the real issue, which also has been very aptly called "soul deprivation". Over time you stop functioning normally. In my 15 year studies into the effects of geopathic stress I have found that everyone who shows addictive behaviour patterns is also geopathically stressed. Symptoms of Soul Deprivation So what is soul deprivation? It can be described as a feeling of emptiness Lavonte David Elite Jersey , vague depression, disillusionment about your partner, family and life in general, lack and loss of meaningful values, lack of fulfillment. I am sure you get the picture. It seems to me that we all know someone with these symptoms. Soul deprivation is a sickness of our times which we tend to fight with addictive, obsessive behaviour.. It is vitally important to cure these pervasive and destabilising habits, and indeed the survival of our society depends on it. Curing addiction and soul deprivation It is best to work best from the outside in: In other words we look at environmental factors first: Start with neutralising geopathic stress and electro stress to reduce the constant strain on your brain and body. Long exposure to Geo Stress and electro stress can cause depression and illness. If you have been exposed to G.S. or E.M.F. from childhood your subconscious mind will seek them out in your workplace and your home because the brain recognises familiarity as comfortable. It thinks any kind of familiarity is automatically good for us. Therefore Ali Marpet Elite Jersey , unless you have been educated about the harmful effects of geostress and electro pollution you literally become addicted to the energies and wonder why you are feeling below par. Get your home and office space checked for geopathic stress. It can be checked out easily anywhere in the world with distance dowsing. Geopathic stress reduces absorption of nutrients. Food loses its nutrients faster, which means, not only is your body unable to take up nutrients properly, but the food you consume has lost much of its goodness. Choose a good supplement since it is impossible to ensure that you always get the nutrients you need. Mangosteen juice for instance is totally natural and has countless health benefits. These two steps will lift your spirits, make you feel much more energetic and get you motivated. Once you have cleared your environment and given your energies a boost with a good nutritional supplement you will find it much easier to open your heart to new ideas and nurture your soul. Try new things. Read inspirational books, learn new techniques and get in touch with yourself. Allow new people into your life. Be in touch with nature. Spend time in your garden, or grow orchids on your window sills. Go for walks Kwon Alexander Elite Jersey , alone, at least once per week.No mobile, just you, nature and maybe your dog. And finally, choose your company with care. Surround yourself with people who inspire you, and above all stay away from those who lower your energy.Subscribe to newsletters and courses that lift your spirits. We all need support from time to time. Choose your support team with care and you will find your soul come to life again. Author's Resource Box
Mercedes Oestermann van Essen is an Energy Therapist who helps people integrate mind, body and environment for a healthier lifeArticle Source:

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