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#1 26-03-2020 08:44:23

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Game improvement plan & OSRS Quest service

In order for all players to have a better experience,there are always many changes and improvements in the game,you can also enjoy the osrs quest service of our website.

Improvement of Elite Desert Diary:

After Elite Desert Diary completes,the teleport point is change to the inside of the sprint at Nardah,make access to the Statuette for regeneration faster,obviously,this is better than drops outside the general store in Nardah.

Improvement of Lunar Island:

After completed the fremennik elite diary?you can use right-click option to an NPC in the Bank to reintroduce the seal mechanic for players who've completed the Elite Diary,then you will be sent back to Rellekka with a much friendlier dialog.

Some changes for the Cook's Assistant quest:

In order to know more clearly where players can go to get necessary items,tidying up dialogue and text in the quest.

Object creation selection menu:

To improve usability,set the spacebar binding to repeat the last action you performed on the menu.For example, the first time you open a menu,you can select bulb as an option,and then select set to 1.The next time you open the menu,you can press the spacebar to receive the bulb without any other input.

There are many questions that will be improved soon.RS3gold.com have a lot of experience in acquiring fire cape and infernal cape, which is safe and fast.



#2 07-04-2020 04:55:24

From: Australia
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Re: Game improvement plan & OSRS Quest service

Great game!! I started playing since 2009, it brings me tons of memories. The only issue I would mention is that here in Latin America South there isn't a good location for a server that gives you no latency problems. In my personal experience I play with 200 ms in the nearest game "world" to my country and to be real it is a bother. Besides what a I've said, game is awesome. But now, I'm done playing OSRS games, I only play bowmasters game on my computer.