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Play Slither.io on PC & Mac FREE now!

Slither.io is just like your favorite classic Snake game – but with a new and innovative twist. Aside from aiming to become a longer and bigger worm, you also have to try your best to survive in the multiplayer slitherio download arena for as long as you can.

Make sure you swerve and avoid other worms on Slitherio to ensure your survival. Eat as much food as you can and pack up on weight and length on the playing field. Once you have grown enough, you can terrorize the smaller worms and make snacks out of them.

The game has 2 modes. You can play Slitherio against other players online. If you are not yet confident to go against seasoned Slither players, you can practice by playing against the AI instead! Once you have chosen a game mode, you will be thrown into a massive field where you start as a small worm.

Find bits of food within the area to grow bigger and longer! It is easy to spot food because they are represented by tiny glowing dots in the playfield. Sometimes, you have to slither and wiggle away for a while before you can find bits of food in the arena.