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Pandora Iridescent Rainbow Glass Charm


Designed with unparalleled depth and beauty of colour, Pandora Material Bracelet showcase a multitude of imaginative details made using a combination of traditional techniques and modern innovation. The decorative glass charms are made from varieties of legendary Murano and German Reichenbach glass.

Colourful and sophisticated, the Pandora Material 2020 can elevate any outfit. Transform your look from ordinary to extraordinary with this Fancy Pink coloured Murano glass charm filled with glitter and topped with a wavy glass surface. A touch smaller than our traditional Murano charms, this charm is the perfect complement to your style. Every Murano glass charm is hand finished and features a sterling silver core engraved with the Pandora logo.

Stand out from the crowd with this elegant pink Pandora Rose Material charm. Each piece of hand-crafted pink Murano glass is one of a kind and features a Pandora Rose (14ct rose gold-plated unique metal blend) core that brings a special and magical feeling to any Pandora Moments bracelet. Wear it by itself on a necklace or bracelet as a statement piece.

Detailed with a rippling Murano glass surface, this Pandora Iridescent Rainbow Glass Charm is set on a Pandora Rose core, our unique metal blend plated with 14k rose gold. The combination of tonal purple glass creates a feminine feel that works in combination with almost any other charm from our collection.



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