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nike shox r4 mens black

nike sneakers white 2020 Once a revolutionary running shoe, the Nike Shox is now a sought-after style with a look and feel like no other. Its space-age upper is crafted to work with Nike’s patented Shox cushioning to provide a high-tech running experience, which delivers responsive cushioning, and in turn lessens the risk of injury. To truly understand the evolution of this shoe, it’s best to go back to the beginning.

nike sneakers blue online It started in 1984, when designers at Nike had the idea to integrate a spring-like component into the midsole design of their performance running shoes. They drew inspiration for this idea from Harvard University’s revolutionary ‘tuned’ indoor track, which offered a benefit to runners that had not been experienced before. This type of track is crafted with a super-hard yet springy surface that increases speed while decreasing discomfort associated with repetitive heel strike.

nike sneakers womens sale The design team believed runners, no matter their level of experience or athletic ability, could benefit from having this springy rebound technology in their shoes. Stage one in the creation of what would come to be known as “Shox technology” featured prototypes that utilized steel springs. These springs were integrated into the frame with the goal of maximizing speed while lowering discomfort. Although the team knew they were onto something great, the function of the shoe still needed improvement to reach their performance expectations.

nike shox r4 mens black The classic Nike Shox line has been revitalized this year thanks to the return of models like the Shox R4, Shox TL, and an impending Skepta collaboration, but now it’s set to spring (literally) into fall with a new silhouette titled the Shox Enigma. Arriving in a duo of colorways with a black base and sporty “Hyper Crimson” or bold “Lime Blast” accents, these Shox are inherently early/mid ’00s in their style, and are packed chock-full of special details.


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