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Wreaths are common sights during funeral wakes. Usually Authentic Ndamukong Suh Jersey , these are made flowers and leaves that are arranged in a manner that would surely attract people who are going to the funeral. Despite of its appearance though, the wreath is not just meant for decorations. People generally believe that these are also meant to make the environment less melancholic; a necessity for those who are grieving. It is said that with such flowers around, the pain of losing someone beloved is reduced.

The Etruscans then were known to make wreaths that are usually made of precious metals. Researches made on their civilization point out that they heavily used gold and silver in making wreaths of all kinds and for different purposes. However, the materials used for the wreaths were of less significance to the Etruscans. It was the meaning of such items that matter the most, such as honor Authentic Jordan Cameron Jersey , which is why the Etruscan kings wear these lots of times. The modern crowns made of metals originate from these.

The symbolism of wreaths as representations of power and influence remained the same in ancient Greece and Rome. For those who love to read history books, they must have seen pictures of political and military leaders of the era who wore wreaths on their heads. Others may call these as laurels but these are actually wreaths made of the laurel leaves. The tradition of wearing these began as a Greek myth. Laurel wreaths symbolized a status that is higher than that of ordinary individuals.

If the aforementioned wreaths basically represent an individual’s achievement, the harvest wreath symbolizes better produce. In ancient times, such wreaths were made in order to ensure a more productive harvest season ahead. The common practice was that farmers make these and hang these on their respective doors for the entire year. The farmers believe that doing so would prevent any form of pestilence that may damage the crops and render them with less during the harvest season.

There is another meaning to the wreath though as introduced by Christianity. It is this Christian symbolism that actually became more common in Europe and the New World. The early Christians considered the wreath as a symbol for their hopeful waiting for Jesus Christ. However, in 1839 the wreath was formally used for teaching young students about the significance of Christmas to their Christian faith. It is because of such practice that eventually associates the wreath to the season of Advent.

The round shape of the wreaths is often understood by people to symbolize life eternal. This may be true because such things are in funerals. Another truth is that this practice of decorating the venue for the funeral with wreaths started during ancient Greece. Leaves that barely rot are usually the ones used to complement the flowers. Again Authentic Koa Misi Jersey , the purpose is to symbolize eternal life again. If you wish to send a wreath to commemorate someone’s life, simply head online to see the offerings from your local funeral florist.

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