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Queena Rutherford
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new balance trainers

One ne is the professional sports series, and the other is ´╗┐new balance trainers the recreational sports series. It is the world's top four running shoes brands. Half a century ago, America's first spacewalk astronaut White was wearing SAUCONY to walk in the moon. The most characteristic of SAUCONY sports shoes is that it can meet each individual's foot type and gait to achieve their best protection and motion effect.The GRID system is the world recognized technology which can provide cushioning and stability features in its midsole part.

Runners who wear SAUCONY running shoes are ensured with the best protection and movement efficiency.NEW BALANCE: In the new balance 574 year of 1906, William J Riley established the New Balance arch support company in the U.S. Marathon City-Boston, which was specialized in making professional custom-made orthopedic arch support and corrective shoes. The arch support new balance 420 device can greatly increase the sense of balance during exercise, and thus was born New Balance name.

Famous as the Japan ASICS running shoes, the American top four running shoes are also enjoyed the world popular fame: BROOKS, SAUCONY, and NEW BALANCE. And around the world, they are the most recognized best running shoes.Established in the year of 1914, Brooks was a company specializing in the production of new balance 373 professional sports goods. The original technology of its company were included: Hydro Flow liquid buffer power systems, high-tech twill weaving techniques, vinyl resin midsole reinforced technology.

Brooks adopted the Hydro flow (liquid flow) technology, which consist of room temperature viscous material bags, convenient liquid flow and a number of shock absorber channels. The cushion bags in the heel portion are not only functioned as a buffer but also can do positive and stable effect.SAUCONY enjoy the reputation of "the Rolls Royce of sports shoes brand" in the United States, the company is headquartered in the United States, with 100 years of history, and new balance shoes the products are divided into two broad categories.

Due to the good developing momentum, in the 1950s, New Balance began to make its professional sports shoes for the local runners and as wile, it began to enter into the sports shoes industry in the 1960s.The current chairman and chief executive James S Davis open the new prologue of New Balance as he bought New Balance in the 1970s Boston Marathon day. The exclusive research and development of high shock-absorbing technology "multi-functional" shoes was enjoyed the fame of the "President's jogging [img]https://www.faroutbrands.com/images/sneaker/new balance shoes-578ips.jpg[/img] shoes", and was favored by multi-country state heads and elites.